Think you know everything about Chevy II? Think again! We stumbled upon a hidden treasure – the 1970 Postal Nova – and it’s a head-turner in every sense. As a devoted Nova enthusiast, this one took us by surprise, and we’re reaching out to our readers for a bit of assistance in decoding its mysteries. Currently up for grabs at a tempting buy-it-now price of $15,900 on eBay, this exceptional Chevrolet is nestled in Holbrook, New York, awaiting its next owner’s embrace.

The owner tantalizingly refers to it as a “Postal Nova,” a term that piqued our interest. While the origins of this moniker remain shrouded in mystery, the owner speculates it could be one of the rare survivors in existence. We’re on a quest for more information, and we invite our readers to chime in if they hold the key to unraveling this Nova’s unique story.

Upon close inspection, the Postal Nova stands out as a distinctive specimen. While a quick Google search doesn’t reveal much, the owner suggests it might be an exceptionally rare find. Could it be a creation intended for USPS use? The absence of a right-side steering column, typically found in mail delivery vehicles, dismisses that theory. Yet, this Nova’s allure lies in its simplicity, sporting a basic bench seat and minimal optional equipment.

Beneath the hood lies a powerhouse that adds to the intrigue – a 153 CI 4-cylinder, purportedly the original engine. This no-frills approach aligns with the era’s trend, and the engine’s historical connection to postal Jeeps raises eyebrows. Imagine cruising down the road, the 3-speed manual transmission with a column shifter providing a nostalgic driving experience. The vendor vouches for its roadworthiness, ensuring that you can drive this unique gem straight to your home.

While the exterior boasts an authentic charm with its all-original body, a single repaint from yesteryears adds character. Some battle scars, like damage on the passenger side quarter panel and rust in lower areas, hint at its storied past. The south side, fortunately, remains clean, revealing a robust foundation beneath the surface rust. The question arises: To restomod, restore, clone SS, preserve, or embark on a different path?

Intriguingly, the Postal Nova beckons with possibilities. Whether you choose to preserve its original character or infuse a touch of modernity, one thing is certain – this rare find is ready to captivate onlookers and spark conversations wherever it goes. So, how would you respond to the call of the 1970 Postal Nova? The decision is yours, and the journey promises to be as thrilling as the destination.