Discover the allure of a classic Resto-Mod 1960 Impala that emerged from the shadows of a barn to reclaim its former glory. Resurrected with passion and precision, this beauty now boasts a GM Crate Motor, unleashing a formidable 350/290 horsepower to reignite the spirit of the open road.

With its commanding presence, this Impala rides on 20′ x 10′ wheels in the rear and 20′ x 8′ wheels up front, perfectly complemented by Wildwood disk brakes that ensure both style and safety. The original interior, though marked by two small tears, retains its nostalgic charm, complete with a working original AM radio that serenades you with tunes from a bygone era.

Underneath the hood, the heartbeat of this marvel is the GM Crate Motor, a powerhouse that breathes new life into every drive. Boasting just 51,000 original miles, this beauty has only traveled 1,000 miles since its meticulous rebuild, ensuring a rejuvenated and reliable performance that echoes the car’s golden era.

While the paint may not be flawless, it only adds character to the car, earning it admiration from enthusiasts who appreciate the vintage charm. This Impala is not just a car; it’s a piece of automotive history, a testament to an era when craftsmanship and style went hand in hand.

Embark on a journey with this stunning and exceptionally cool Resto-Mod 1960 Impala—where the roar of the engine and the nostalgia of classic design converge, creating an experience that transcends time. Whether you’re a collector or an enthusiast, this car is an embodiment of enduring elegance and the thrill of the open road.