For most of the neighborhood we are sure that this guy is “the guy with the loud car” but for the chosen few that live nearby this guy can be the guy to admire with a badass 1969 blown Chevrolet Chevelle which produces the best music in the entire town.

As always, the first few moments the engine has been started are the best ones to appreciate the mechanical noise that it produces as we wait for all the fluids to get to their designated spots of lubrication.

And although we know that this is the necessary evil that the engine needs to go thru upon waking up, we still have to admire that beautiful noise that it creates.

For many classic car lovers 1969 is the year that the car needs to be made in to get the most respect, and this one hits the sweet spot, so with no more delay, go ahead click on the video bellow, turn up the speakers and enjoy the raw sound of an American V-8.