Travis Bell, the owner of Celebrity Machines, fulfilled his childhood dream of witnessing the General Lee, a 1969 Dodge Charger, in flight. To make this dream a reality, he invested significant time, effort, and money to ensure a precise and legal jump.

Precautions included securing insurance, obtaining necessary permissions, flying out a crew, and modifying the car to resemble a genuine General Lee.

Bell went the extra mile by building a ramp and securing a location for the jump. Remarkably, he even managed to get Lloyds of London to agree to insure the jump, albeit at a substantial cost of $4.5 million. This amount covered the extensive preparations, crew expenses, and modifications required for the stunt.

For Bell, the General Lee became a lifelong obsession, and he spared no expense to turn his childhood dream into a thrilling reality, exemplifying the power of determination and passion.