Behold the remarkable 1964 Ford Galaxie 500, a true automotive gem that commands attention with its powerful presence and unrivaled performance. This beast is propelled by a formidable FE High Rise 427ci center oiler motor, an engineering marvel that boasts an impressive 600hp.

Draped in a captivating paint job, this Galaxie’s aesthetics are nothing short of stunning, complemented by a meticulously crafted interior that was recently upgraded. The chrome accents, though displaying a touch of vintage charm, add to the overall allure of this classic beauty.

Picture this powerhouse cruising down the street—the impeccable stance of the car is bound to capture every onlooker’s gaze. The engine alone is a masterpiece, valued at over $20,000 to build. The FE High Rise 427 Cross Bolt Center Oiler engine is a symphony of power, featuring forged pistons, a solid roller cam, Edelbrock high-rise heads, a Nasar single-plane high-rise intake, a 950 Holley double pumper, heat-wrapped long tube headers, and an aluminum water pump. This thoroughbred has undergone a transformation, increasing its cubic inches from 427 to an impressive 452.

The driving experience is elevated with a brand-new hydraulic clutch, ensuring a smooth and responsive performance. Inspired by the legendary super stock 427, predating the thunderbolt era, this Galaxie is a true tribute to automotive excellence. While a formal build sheet may be elusive, the craftsmanship and attention to detail speak volumes about the quality of this high-dollar build.

Originally hailing from sunny Florida, this Galaxie boasts a rust-free frame and body, a testament to its well-preserved condition. To truly appreciate the prowess of this classic, we invite you to explore our comprehensive YouTube video tour that delves into every detail of this automotive masterpiece.

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