The digital artist Oscar Vargas has skillfully crafted a remarkable rendering of a heavily modified 1968 Pontiac Firebird, transforming it into the ultimate convertible. This digital rendering showcases the artist’s ability to express creativity and design without physical constraints.

In this rendition, Vargas has created a heavily resto-modded 1968 Firebird with modern convertible features. The front fascia retains the 1968 lineage, featuring the same headlight arrangement, grille shape, and hood as the original car. However, significant modifications include a massive front bumper, lip spoiler, and larger wheel fenders integrated into a wider body, giving the car a modernized appearance.

One notable feature is the hard-top convertible design, allowing the roof to fold back into the Firebird and revealing an open-top configuration. The rendering emphasizes the car’s low stance, angled front windshield, and larger wheels. The side profile highlights extended side skirts and modern-style door handles, contributing to the overall contemporary aesthetic.

The rear of the Firebird maintains a blend of old and new, featuring the classic four taillights and rear spoiler. However, these taillights now have a modern LED strip design, offering a contemporary touch. The trunk lid proudly displays the Pontiac name, reminiscent of the original design. The entire rendering is enhanced by a vibrant bright orange color, adding to its visual appeal.

This Firebird restomod concept is a testament to Vargas’s talent in blending classic and modern elements, creating an ultimate and visually stunning convertible rendition.