The 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 LS5 stands out as an iconic muscle car, boasting a powerful V8 engine and unique characteristics that make it a rare and sought-after classic.

Here are some key features and details about this particular example:

1. LS5 Engine: The 1970 Chevelle SS 454 LS5 is equipped with the LS5 engine, a 454 cubic inch (7.4-liter) V8. While not as powerful as the range-topping LS6, the LS5 still delivers impressive performance with a rating of 360 horsepower. Only 4,298 customers specifically chose the LS5 engine in 1970.

2. Rare Triple Green Finish: This particular Chevelle SS features a rare and distinctive triple green finish. The Forest Green paint (paint code 942) is applied not only to the body but also to the roof and the interior of the cabin. Such combinations, known as “triple paint finish,” add to the car’s rarity and uniqueness.

3. Originality and Condition: Despite some evidence of a repaint at some point, the car retains its authenticity with the original color. Importantly, it is described as completely rust-free, retaining all of its original body panels, and having never been involved in an accident. The pristine condition adds to its appeal among collectors.

4. Engine History: While the original LS5 engine is no longer in the vehicle, it has been disassembled and is included with the car. The current engine powering the vehicle is a vintage 402-cubic-inch V8, possibly the L78 or L34. The LS5 engine can be fully restored and reunited with the car, enhancing its value as a matching-numbers classic.

5. Matching Numbers Potential: The inclusion of the original LS5 engine, even if disassembled, presents an opportunity for the next owner to restore it and achieve a matching-numbers status. Matching numbers, where the engine, transmission, and other key components have the same identification numbers as when the car left the factory, often contribute to a classic car’s authenticity and value.

6. Overall Rarity: The combination of the LS5 engine, triple green finish, and well-preserved condition contributes to the overall rarity of this 1970 Chevelle SS 454 LS5. It represents a unique and desirable specimen within the classic car market.

In summary, this 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 LS5 is not only a powerful and iconic muscle car but also a distinctive example with rare features that make it stand out among its peers. The potential for matching numbers restoration adds an extra layer of appeal for collectors and enthusiasts.