If you own a car, and you’re sure that you love your car, then it’s time for you to pay serious attention.

The people who will like to wreak havoc have thought up a new trick. If you ever see a plastic bottle stuck in your tire, then you need to be on high alert. Make sure to spread the warning so nobody falls for this trick.

Apparently, criminals have been able to come up with a new trick, and it is one that’s proving to be incredibly effective. If you’re a driver, you need to be very careful because thieves are using a new means of robbing you or even making off with your car, and all they need to get it done is a plastic bottle. After a video was able to get on social media that shows other aspiring robbers how to go about it, police officers everywhere have become increasingly concerned about this new crime wave.

The trick was first reported in Limpopo, a province that borders South Africa from Botswana. From there, it spread quickly to other parts of the world after a YouTube channel from Mexico issued a stern warning about a new way that robbers can use to steal cars. Unfortunately, the video didn’t share a warning alone, as it has gotten over 6 million views. As a matter of fact, it showed other criminals how they can easily take advantage of other innocent people.

The new scam that is being used by thieves is pretty simple. First, the criminals spot a car that’s parked. When they see the vehicle they’ll like to steal, they place an empty plastic bottle on the tire of the car’s passenger’s side and wedge it between the wheel well and the rubber; a spot where the driver will most likely not be able to see the bottle.

Then they lie in wait.
With nothing seeming wrong, the driver enters the car and fires the engine up. It’s when they begin to move with the vehicle that they notice the problem. As shown the video, the empty bottle is smashed by the tire, causing it to crackle. Unaware of the presence of the bottle, the driver will come down to investigate the noise. Instinctively, drivers leave the car on so s to now where the problem really lies.

We all know what comes next.
The video is actually in Spanish, but you can easily understand what the YouTuber is trying to communicate. Thanks to the strange sound created by the bottle, the driver would need to leave the car running and come out to see what’s going on. At that point, the thieves- who have been on lookout nearby will be resented with an open car (with keys in the ignition and a distracted owner).

As soon as the driver gets to the other side of the vehicle, the car thief can easily make their way to the driver’s seat.

That’s all. The car is gone before the owner is able to understand what just happened.

Although there are also a few instances where the thief is only able to get a few possessions from the car before making off on foot, a successful deployment of this trick will have the driver and the vehicle at some serious risk.

It is possible that this trick has already made its way to your neighborhood. Stay vigilant.