In the mesmerizing realm of drag radial racing, where every ounce of speed is extracted, Frank Soldridge stands as a maestro behind the wheel of his formidable Ford Mustang. The drag strip becomes a stage, and every race transforms into a high-stakes performance, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats.

Frank Soldridge, the driving force behind this automotive extravaganza, commands attention with his colossal Ford Mustang, a single yet unstoppable force on the drag strip. This Free Life Films production captures the essence of drag radial racing, where precision, power, and a spectacular display on the back wheels unfold.

In this video, witness one of Frank’s all-time best performances, a heart-pounding sprint at 196 mph, culminating with a dramatic finish on the rear wheels. The sheer force propelling the wild Ford Mustang comes from a twin-turbo large block Chevy engine, fine-tuned to the absolute limit, potentially unleashing thousands of horses.

Frank Soldridge, like a maestro, orchestrates the symphony of speed and control. The video showcases his artistry as he navigates the drag strip with masterful precision, manipulating the throttle to command the beast beneath him. Such displays of skill and power are a rarity, making this video a must-watch for any racing enthusiast.

As the adrenaline surges through the screen, Frank Soldridge’s drag radial performance leaves an indelible mark, inviting viewers to appreciate the extraordinary world of drag racing at its finest. Click on the video link to experience the thrill firsthand and be part of the awe-inspiring journey with Frank Soldridge and his unstoppable Mustang.