Take a look at this Field of Dreams, Neglected and Abandoned Junkyard full of 1st Gen Camaros and Muscle Cars!

We get mixed emotions once again about this video because at one hand, we get to see a whole bunch of cool cars, and we mean a lot, about 25 first generation Camaros, amongst the other cool Muscle cars.

At one hand as always we really do enjoy seeing such great cars, however, at the same time we get frustrated that none of them is for sale and they are all just left out there in the yard to “fend” for themselves while losing the battle to mother nature and decaying into a heap of metal.

They are located on a hidden property in SW Tennessee, and most of them have been there for ages, and as you are probably guessing already none of them have gotten any TLC lately.

Patrick Nichols is here as always to give us sort of a tour around the yard and let us take a peek at the cars but due to the sheer volume of vehicles he won’t be able to give us a detailed description on them.