Presenting a 1970 Nova with aspirations to clinch the prestigious Goodguy’s Street Machine of the Year award in 2015—an endeavor that may not have seen success, but certainly not for a lack of prowess. This vehicle demands attention with not one but two ProChargers nestled beneath its hood, making it an absolute spectacle worth exploring.

The dual ProChargers, a testament to its formidable performance, set this Nova apart from the rest. With a built LS1, enhanced with Heads, Cam, D1 ProCharger, Nitrous, VHT, Meth Injection, and a set of high-performance tires, this machine is a powerhouse ready to unleash its full potential on the road.

To add to the excitement, a thrilling SS $1,000 race unfolded, featuring Shaun’s Chevelle against Big Matt’s Camaro. Shaun’s Chevelle boasted 20-inch rims with an integrated D1 ProCharger, showcasing the commitment to not just style but also substance.

In the true spirit of competition, even after a loss, Matt demonstrated sportsmanship by initially hesitating to part with the cash but eventually honoring the bet. The race’s intensity, combined with the sheer power and innovation behind these vehicles, makes for a captivating automotive experience.

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