The Dodge Charger has a rich history, and for true Mopar enthusiasts, the original Charger was a coupe, not a sedan. The introduction of the modern Charger with four doors didn’t sit well with some fans who longed for the classic coupe design. However, one passionate individual decided to take matters into his own hands.

In a quest to bring back the spirit of the original Charger coupe, this enthusiast grabbed his tools and embarked on a project that resulted in a stunning creation. The end result is a customized Charger with a wide body, a modification that some might find bold or excessive, while others argue it’s just the right size.

The video captures the essence of this custom Charger coupe, showcasing its wide body and unique design. It’s evident that the builder put considerable effort into bringing his vision to life. Now, the question remains: Is the wide body modification too much, or does it perfectly capture the spirit of the classic Charger coupe?

Watch the video, and let us know your opinion. Customizations like these often spark lively debates among automotive enthusiasts, each with their own take on what makes a car truly special.