Capturing the Essence of a Classic: The Rally Green Nova

Last summer, on my way out of Cambridge, IL, a spectacular sight caught my eye and drew me into the world of classic cars—a circa-1970 Rally Green Nova. Now, I’m not usually a fervent admirer of hot-rodded cars, but there was something about this Nova that transcended personal preferences.

The allure began with the color, a vibrant Rally Green that adorned the sleek lines of the Nova coupe. In a sea of reds, oranges, and blacks that often dominate the classic car scene, this unique hue stood out, enhancing the car’s timeless design.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, I approached the owner, expressing my admiration for his circa-1970 Rally Green Nova. He graciously allowed me to capture a few shots, understanding the potential for his car to make an appearance on Curbside Classic.

In the world of classic cars, especially the 1968-72 Novas, it’s not uncommon to encounter a sea of predictable colors at shows. This Rally Green Nova, however, dared to be different. The distinctive shade not only set it apart from the crowd but also accentuated the inherent beauty of the Nova coupe’s design.

As time passed, I couldn’t help but appreciate the delayed gratification of sharing this gem with fellow enthusiasts. Sometimes, a break from the conventional—away from the commonplace reds and blacks—is just what the automotive palate craves.

So here it is, a Rally Green Nova, a belated yet refreshing addition to the classic car showcase. For those who have had their fill of the more common Cinnamon Toast Broughams, let this Nova be a visual feast that satisfies the craving for something distinctive and extraordinary.