Prepare to be enthralled by the symphony of power emanating from this stunning ’72 Chevelle SS – a true embodiment of classic muscle car glory. The auditory delight is courtesy of a meticulously crafted exhaust system by the skilled hands at Kinney’s.

In their own words, Kinney’s customer entrusted them with the task of creating a system that not only mirrors the robust sound of a 1970s muscle car but also allows for an enjoyable driving experience without overwhelming the interior. The choice for this sonic masterpiece? Flowmaster Super 44’s – an impeccable selection for achieving that perfect balance of nostalgia and contemporary comfort.

The craftsmanship begins from the very heart of the vehicle, servicing all the hardware and gaskets, ensuring a fresh start from the manifolds. The front exhaust pipes, a testament to skillful artistry, are meticulously fashioned from 2.50 tubing, seamlessly leading to the Flowmaster Super 44’s. As the exhaust journey continues, the tailpipes, fabricated from 2.25 tubing, elegantly conclude at the factory Chevelle box tips, retaining that authentic touch.

But the magic doesn’t end there. An “H” pipe, expertly fabricated and integrated into the system, not only enhances structural integrity but also fine-tunes the exhaust pulses, unlocking additional torque benefits. The result is a harmonious blend of raw power and refined engineering, perfectly encapsulating the essence of a true muscle car.

Kinney’s, masters of their craft, offer the promise of creating your perfect exhaust system, whether in stainless steel or robust 14-gauge heavy-duty aluminized tubing, using mandrel or smooth bends. To achieve the impeccable fit and finish they are known for, Kinney’s requires your vehicle in-house. So, if you’re ready to elevate your driving experience with a bespoke exhaust system, don’t hesitate to contact Kinney’s and schedule a session for your ride.

Now, without further ado, immerse yourself in the captivating video and let the distinctive sound of the ’72 Chevelle SS by Kinney’s echo the golden era of muscle cars.