Check this, JJ Da Boss vs Tricia Insane Crash During Filming America’s List Season 2!!!

What happened to JJ Da Boss? 'Street Outlaws' star and wife, Tricia, injured in car crash

In case you missed the news, the filming of the new season of America’s List is well underway and these guys have been racing away to prove who’s the fastest on the second season of this list.

Unfortunately, as we have mentioned numerous times, motorsport is dangerous, and with the steadily increasing amount of speed these guys reach near the finish line the amount of danger multiplies constantly.

This time we have two very famous racers from the Memphis team involved in a crash that started after these racers made contact with each other at very high speed.

While both drivers are OK, they have been taken to the hospital for additional checks in order to make sure that they are perfectly fine.

With the latest information coming from the hospital confirming that these guys have not sustained life-threatening injuries and will make a full recovery, it is obvious that the safety gear had once again performed dutifully in saving their life and limb, which is always good news.

Some reports are coming in that JJ lost control and ended up crashing into Trish, who ended up hitting a parked van belonging to the production crew of the show, destroying a pretty big portion of the cars along the way.

Knowing this couple, we are sure that pretty soon they will find a way to get behind the wheel of a racing car again and will keep doing what they have loved doing all these years.

All we can pray and hope is that they will manage do to so as soon as possible because as we have already mentioned, this is a way of life for these guys and if there is a way to get behind the wheel of a race car ASAP we are sure that these guys will manage to find it.