Jay Leno Takes a Wild Ride: 2,500 HP Thrill Turns into a Heart-Stopping Moment!

For car enthusiasts, Jay Leno is the man with an enviable collection of some of the coolest vehicles worldwide. However, for the broader audience, he is primarily known as a comedian and the former host of the Tonight Show. We’ve ventured into his garage, a captivating experience that goes beyond his late-night show persona. In fact, Leno came out of retirement to share the wonders of his actual garage, showcasing his genuine fascination with all things automotive.

In one of his thrilling escapades, Jay Leno takes the driver’s seat of the ‘Hemi Under Glass’ car, a beast capable of jaw-dropping wheelies, thanks to its unconventional engine placement behind the driver’s seat. Piloted by the legendary Bob Riggle, a figure from Leno’s childhood dreams, this ride becomes a nostalgic journey for both.

Bob Riggle, boasting an impressive 50-year career, aimed to help Jay check off a bucket-list item. The result? A spectacular wheelie that sees the car bouncing its rear wheels, marking a momentous check on Leno’s list—rolling in the ‘Hemi Under Glass’ car.

However, the thrill takes an unexpected turn as the car performs a rollover, seemingly defying gravity. Fortunately, Jay Leno keeps a steady hand inside the vehicle, preventing what could have been a nasty outcome. Both emerge unscathed, with only the car requiring attention from paramedics.

Noteworthy is the cinematic touch to the video, revealing that the car rolled only once, despite the appearance of a triple roll—a testament to the magic of Hollywood editing. Bob Riggle, with over 50 years of running the car, reflects, “This is only the second crash I’ve had in the 50 years of running this car.” A testament to the enduring thrill and occasional spill that comes with the territory of pushing automotive boundaries.