The iconic Firebird still lives, despite being out of production for decades. The legendary muscle beauty has been a synonym for an American sports car for decades and the legend lives. Pontiac, as a brand may be discontinued nine years ago, but a group of enthusiasts keeps the famous nameplate alive. The company called Trans Am Depot makes amazing custom, brand-new Trans Am models, which unmistakable bring the famous Firebird flavor. Now, they are preparing something completely new, a model that will come to compete with monstrous Dodge Challenger Hellcat. The new version will come as 2021 Pontiac Trans Am, most likely, sometime in the next year.

Since it is a custom car, you probably wonder on which model is this legend based on. The answer is obvious and it comes from GM. The 2021 Pontiac Trans Am will also come heavily based on another icon, Chevy Camaro. The Trans Am is practically a reworked, brand-new Camaro SS. Still, there is a full load of modifications. Of course, most of them are in terms of styling. You can see a lot of details on that perfectly bring the flavor of the iconic model. Considering the Camaro’s pretty angular approach, it’s no wonder that 2021 Pontiac Trans Am most resembles versions from the late 70s, such as the legendary Bandit.

Of course, these modifications include various tweaks to the exterior, particularly in a completely new body kit. Besides bumpers and similar things, you can also notice a beak-like front fascia, as well as taillights that feature those legendary horizontal stripes. Of course, is a unique set of wheels, as well as the famous firebird print on the hood.

Of course, there are various mechanical upgrades as well, starting from a new rear differential, Eibach springs, roll cage and five-point harness, carbon fiber body panels. All these things will definitely have a high impact on overall performances.


You will definitely find this interior pretty familiar. The Trans Am Depot didn’t bother with the cabin too much, as it would probably make this car even more expensive. Therefore, the dashboard is pretty much the same as in the Camaro, including the instrument cluster. Of course, there is a lot of customization on it, mostly in terms of color schemes, badges, and similar things.

Also, there are new seats, with exclusive stitching and similar details. When it comes to standard equipment, keep in mind that this model is based on the Camaro SS, so you can count on things like an 8-inch infotainment system, power adjustable seats, and all other features that characterize this trim level.


This is definitely one of the most interesting aspects of this custom car. Of course, it is based on a familiar 6.2-liter V8 unit, but there is a lot of upgrades as well. Of course, standard models come with typical engine tweaks, but there is a completely new version to come for the 2021 Pontiac Trans Am, which will 455 Super Duty.

Not only that there are numerous modifications that are typical for engine upgrades, but this unit has actually been stoked to huge 7.5-liters, or 455 cubic inches, in accordance with the model’s name.

Therefore, you may presume how powerful this engine is. According to the latest reports, max output will go between 1.000 and 1.100 horsepower, which seems more than enough to compete with already monstrous Dodge Challenger Demon, which is good for about magnificent 840 horsepower. You can easily conclude that this will be a real drug monster. According to some reports, we can expect to do a quarter-mile in less than 9 seconds.

2021 Pontiac Trans Am Release Date and Price

The monstrous drag car will probably come sometime in the next year and definitely won’t be cheap. Latest reports are suggesting a price tag of around 190.000 dollars, which is two times more compared to the “standard” model. Although there were some reports that GM plans to revive Trans Am, as well as Pontiac as a brand, it looks like that won’t happen in the near future.