Rev up your engines and take a trip down memory lane with the wild ’68 Plymouth Road Runner featuring the heart-pounding power of a Keith Black 572 HEMI. This iconic muscle car has a history that echoes through the halls of high school nostalgia and the roaring drag strips of yesteryear.

Back in 1968, this Road Runner was the talk of the town, gifted to a lucky graduate by a proud dad. Fast forward to the auto shop, where dreams took shape and inner fenders were sacrificed for the sake of fender well headers. Originally a 383/4-speed powerhouse, it met its demise after a mere two years, only to be reborn under the ownership of a thrill-seeking buddy.

Now, let’s fast forward to the present day, where George, the current owner, reigns over this beast. With a journey spanning four engines, a couple of 4-speed trannys, and a Dana 60 rear, this Road Runner has evolved into a formidable force. Stripped of its interior, it now boasts a drag bucket and a bold bolt-in roll bar, setting the stage for decades of drag racing adrenaline.

George’s relentless pursuit of power led this machine through a 383, a 426 Stroker, a 426 HEMI, and finally, the crown jewel—a 572 Keith Black. The transmission saga unfolded with blown-up 4-speed trannys making way for two pro-built 727s, each geared for raw speed with 4.88 and 4.30 rear gears.

Under the hood, a Tunnel Ram and a pair of 1050 carbs once ruled the 572, but now, it’s a spectacle of power with For Hemis Only dual quads. A decade has passed since this Road Runner last tasted the thrill of the track, clocking 10-second runs. But George is hungry for more, eyeing the 9-second mark with a new 750 lift roller cam.

The beating heart of this beast is a Keith Black aluminum block, a 572-cubic-inch powerhouse with an SCAT crankshaft, Oliver Racing rods, and Diamond 11.5 to 1 pistons. A Cam Motion solid roller cam, Isky EZ-Roll roller lifters, and Stage V HEMI big valve heads complete the ensemble.

Let the symphony of power echo through TTI exhaust with electric dumps, a PTC 4000 stall converter, a race-built 727 transmission, and a gear vendors overdrive. The Mark Williams chromoly driveshaft connects to a Dana 60 rear end with 3.73 gears, all supported by superstock springs with a snubber. With a fuel cell and a trunk-located battery, this Road Runner is ready to conquer the asphalt with style.

The legacy of this ’68 Plymouth Road Runner lives on, a testament to the passion and dedication of those who live life a quarter-mile at a time. Buckle up, because this classic muscle car isn’t just a relic from the past—it’s a roaring, tire-scorching force that refuses to be forgotten.